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More than 20 years of experience

Based in Tirana Albania, NDREKAJ has been delivering outstanding commercial and private developments since 1994.

We now are recognized by our clients as offering a consistently high level of quality and customer satisfaction.



Ndrekaj L.t.d develops alliances with its customers to ensure their complete satisfaction with the entire design and construction experience.

This not only means that Ndrekaj L.t.d will deliver a high quality constructions, on time and on budget, but that customers will have complete confidence and peace of mind throughout the process of working with our Company.
Ndrekaj L.t.d values integrity; our practices are honest, our conduct is legal and ethical. Although we are motivated by a fair return on our investment, we are always striving for winwin partnerships with customers who share our desire to design and build electrical networks, substation, industrial buildings, roads etc, that add value to the communities in which they are built To this end, we are committed to effectively communicating to our customers the benefits of Ndrekaj L.t.d design/build process, and poured-in-place construction methodology.


We will ensure that our customers receive real and measurable value from our 24 years of experience working with Private & Government.

Sectors from around Albania Our employees are one of the more important resource in achieving our mission. At Ndrekaj l.t.d, we focus on recruiting, developing and retaining employees with the skills and competencies required to maintain a dynamic corporate culture driven by the values of quality, innovation and safety. We then provide our people with the most effective tools and technologies required to further ensure our customers are completely satisfied with every stage of their working partnership with Ndrekaj L.t.d. We hope and believe that this path will lead to excellence, to innovation, to adventure, and to the kind of uncertain, gutsy leadership that will allow both our employees and our clients to realize their aspirations at least – and maybe a lot more.


Ndrekaj L.t.d is one of the leading companies in its sector, experienced in construction of electrical networks, substations, industrial buildings and roads.

The company transfers its know-how and experience to local and international projects. In this sense, “Ndrekaj” Ltd. serves its Clients at the highest level of satisfaction, providing the most appropriate and desired solutions, with the best quality.


Ndrekaj Ltd. aims to become a prestigious Balkan player in the sector, signing under the prestigious projects for tomorrow’s world of business, harmonizing innovative and progressive technology with its experience, excellence and high-caliber work.


Equipped with highly skilled and competent staff, including qualified Engineers with vast experiences in the Civil & Electrical Construction field and committed workforce, NDREKAJ Ltd has rightfully earned its place in the category of one of the most efficient and capable companies in Albania . The company maintains variety of heavy equipment and transportation facilities, as tools to assist and achieve maximum results in a cost effective way. The trust and confidence bestowed upon us by the Government Authorities and our Clientele has helped us to establish ourselves in this ever growing market.

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