Our Services

The overall goal is to avoid fatalities and serious injuries by continuous preventive HSE work. Quality is doing the right work the first time

DESIGN SERVICES phases of project realization, from investment studies, various analyses and preliminary design, to detailed design and design for construction. The services are performed by engagement of our highly qualified experts and associates and by application of specialized software tools.

CONSULTING SERVICES, according to international standards and procedures, accepted by most relevant investors and financial institutions, on projects electric power facilities of electrical energy transmission and distribution and systems in road industry. Features of our work in this field are expertize, independence and devotion to highly professional and quality tasks performance, all in contractual time frame.

Adequate resources will be made available for the planning, provision and maintenance of safe working conditions and a safe system of work.

Staff who are given specific duties for controlling work, preparing risk assessments, safety plans etc., will be given appropriate advice and training to successfully undertake these tasks.

ENGINEERING SERVICES on realization of projects in our technical fields of engagement. Our partners can rely on us, as a highly professional project coordinator and/or manager, and improve the project performance with our technical support and experience. This type of service has recently become very interesting to our potential partners Albania who intend to participate on international projects, where they can use our technical expertise and international experience.

The stated approaches may be applied to other infrastructure objects and systems, with consideration of specific attributes and requirements of each particular project.

According to tender requirements and market conditions, we make business relations with reputable international companies and local partners, Successful preparation of tender offer and awarded project performance is stimulation for each partnership.


Infrastructures and Buldings -civil engineering


  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Canals
  • Dams Electricity
  • Irrigation schemes
  • Building
  • Public spaces
  • Rail Roads
  • Sewage
  • Telecommunication
  • Utilities
  • Water supply

• Power Generation
• Auxiliary Supply MV/LV (•
substations, transformers, busbar
• Cable- and line installation
• Earthing and Lightning Protection

• Transmission Grid (Substations and
Power Lines)
• Project planning and line routing
• EHV/HV substations
• EHV/HV transmission lines
• EHV/HV cable systems

• Distribution Grid
• MV/LV plants and stations
• MV/LV overhead lines
• MV/LV cable systems
• MV/LV pylon and foundation

• Lighting systems
• street and tunnel lighting, square
and path lighting
• lighting for railway, motorway,
• lighting for stadiums and objects
• LED lighting techniques including
• street lighting and illuminating
• industrial lighting